Freds 7 Holiday Fitness Tips

Are you planning a holiday? Taking a well deserved break from the daily grind? I've put together some tips to help you keep on track. Remember just because you are on holiday doesn't mean it's a no exercise, eating and drinking free for all!

Fitness Tip 1
Consider your exercise options when booking your holiday. Many hotels provide some form of fitness center, whether it is just a room with a treadmill or a full cardio and weight area, you will more than likely have an on site option for maintaining your exercise program. If this isn't the case there may be a nearby gym that gives discounts for hotel guests. Check the hotel website to see what your alternatives may be.

Fitness Tip 2
Check with your usual gym to see if they have an affiliate program. Through these programs you can find other fitness centers nationwide where you can work out for free or at a discount just for being a member of your gym!

Fitness Tip 3
Bring your gym gear. Be sure to travel prepared, always bring your runners and some workout clothes with you so that you are prepared for some activity in your day!

Fitness Tip 4
Create a "Fit Kit" to carry with you when you travel. I like to pack my resistance band and a skipping rope. Both of these items are lightweight and easy to pack and can enhance the diversity of your workout options while on holiday!

Fitness Tip 5
Do relax and enjoy your time, splurge here and there, but keep your fitness goals in mind. Remember to listen to your body, eat when you're hungry, and when you're full... Stop! Get some type of physical activity in every day.

Fitness Tip 6
When traveling to your location remember to pack healthy snacks with you so that you can eat healthy during your trip. At Max's we have a great range of Protein Snack's and Ready to Drink available that's quick and convenient and great for you so you can avoid the high calories and price of airport food or fast food joints.

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As we know eating out can be tricky, being prepared ahead of time and knowing the menu of your restaurant of choice can help you avoid over indulging. I myself like to enter the restaurant with a plan.
Find a couple of options for healthy meal choices that you would like to try. If you are training to keep lean, skip the bread if it is served before the meal, or better yet, request that none be brought to your table so it doesn't sit there and stare you in the face. Split your meal with someone, or have the server pack up half of the meal immediately so you aren't tempted to eat the whole thing.

Another good tip if you are trying to stay lean is order an appetizer as your meal. The portion size will be smaller. Skip dessert if possible, however, if you've got to have some share it or eat only half. Don't give in to having dessert at every meal! Also substitute the starch that comes with your meal like potatoes or rice for some extra green veggies.

Don't be afraid to ask for what you want at a restaurant. Ordering a salad? Choose the healthiest dressing (typically a vinaigrette, avoid anything creamy) and get it on the side. Dip your food into it rather than pouring the whole thing over your meal.

Fitness Tip 7
Remember to do something active everyday. Yes you're on holidays, but getting out and moving is going to help you maintain your fit lifestyle. Use fitness and exercise as a way to enhance your enjoyment of your vacation spot. Follow these tips and come home fit, refreshed and vitalized!

Fred Liberatore
Maxs Supplements