Spawn Nutra Overkill Review

Spawn Nutra Overkill Review

Spawn Nutra is a sister company to BPM Labs and Miss BPM – two of the more ‘hardcore’ and popular new supplement manufacturers on the market today. BPM Labs especially has grown in leaps and bounds, thanks to serious combinations of muscle-building, energy-enhancing and fat-burning ingredients, and Spawn Nutra promises to be as strong in formulation as BPM.

Overkill is Spawn Nutra’s first supplement, and promises to ‘destroy your workout’, like all good pre-workouts should. While the first few ingredients on the label look fairly standard, the energy and focus blend is as strong as we’ve come to expect from BPM, and it doesn’t look like Spawn Nutra is going to let any consumers down in that department. We’re excited to stock the first of the Spawn Nutra brand alongside BPM Labs and Miss BPM, and we think Overkill will be another solid pre-workout. Here’s why:

Spawn Nutra Overkill Key Ingredients

  • Creatine Blend – The first two ingredients in Overkill are creatine nitrate and creatinol-o-phosphate – two creatine forms that are somewhat rare in supplements currently. Aside from monohydrate, magnesium chelate and HCl, there aren’t many other creatine forms still in existence in supplements, but Spawn Nutra have included these two – as much as to make a statement as to be effective and efficient.
  • Citrulline Malate – For pumps and bloodflow, you can’t surpass citrulline malate at the moment, which greatly enhances nitric oxide production and that ‘pump’ sensation we all love.
  • Agmatine Sulfate – Agmatine is one of the newer pump enhancers, and only needs a fraction of the dose of citrulline to deliver a similar result. Agmatine also boosts bloodflow and pumps, and in combination with citrulline delivers a really powerful muscle volumisation experience.
  • Focus/Energy Blend – While the ingredients are listed separately, we can talk about them together as they work in tandem with one another. With a blend of caffeine anhydrous, synephrine HCl, naringen, pouchong tea extract (AMP citrate) and nandina domestica extract, Overkill is going to give you one of the biggest kicks you’ve had from a pre-workout. We don’t know the doses, but each of these ingredients is powerful enough to give you a nice boost, let alone in combination with each other. It might actually live up to its’ name and be a little Overkill.

Spawn Nutra Overkill Flavours & Sizes

Currently, Overkill comes in a 180g tub (30 serves), in Lemon Lime flavour.

Spawn Nutra Overkill Dosage

Each serve of Overkill is 6 grams, and unfortunately that’s all the dosing information we have. We can assume that most of that will be devoted to the creatines, citrulline and agmatine, though. Even assuming we have 1g left over for the focus/energy ingredients, it’s going to give you an insane boost. Make sure you start off with half a serve at first – this is no time to be a hero.

Spawn Nutra Overkill Features

  • Strong focus/energy ingredients
  • 30 full serves per tub
  • Nice blend for pump, strength, power and recovery

The Bottom Line

While the new Spawn Nutra offering is not markedly different from the BPM Labs products, it’s definitely a strong and well-formulated product. With creatines, agmatine and citrulline, your pumps, strength and power are covered, but where Overkill really shines is the focus and energy ingredients. We haven’t tried many stronger products than Overkill, and you probably won’t have, either.

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