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Established in 2002, Honest to Goodness is a company that values integrity, respect and clarity in everything they do. Our philosophy is "real food that loves you back". It is what is NOT in our food that makes us different. Our wholefoods range is nutritious and healthy, devoid of cheap fillers and nasty additives, ethically sourced and carefully prepared. We remain forever conscious that the foods we sell go into people's bodies and become part of them. With nothing to hide, we believe value in pricing comes from providing our customers with as much information as possible about the product which they are purchasing. Our warehouse and production facility are organically certified and therefore never fumigated. We follow strict food handling guidelines and have a quality management system in place to ensure the best possible quality and handling of our products. At the top of our "bucket list" is that we be remembered for our contribution. We strive to lead, innovate, inform and thrive. Where possible we favour Fair Trade suppliers which support our belief in fairness and sustainable trading conditions. We actively support organic and biodynamic farming through our commitment to sustainable agriculture, by expanding the market for organic food products. We respect our environment and consciously reuse, recycle and refuse in our day to day operations. As a leader in our field, we believe we carry a responsibility for setting an example of how a business can, and should be run. We operate tight guidelines relating to ethical and responsible sourcing, nutritional nature and quality of the products we supply. We supply the people with a broad range of health foods, including Cacao Nibs, Coconut Flakes, Quinoa and Mixed Nuts.

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