Horleys is a brand created in New Zealand way back in 1976.  We specialise in sports nutrition and dietary supplements and are committed to providing specialised, quality products that give our customers the edge they need to achieve their goals. Since the company was founded, the people who've worked together as the Horleys team have shared a passion for sport, fitness and health.  Enthusiasm, combined with expert knowledge on the critical role of nutrition has manifested itself in the highly functional supplements that proudly carry the Horleys name. Our commitment to high standards and ethics sets us apart.  Horleys is intelligent sports nutrition, so before we launch any new product, we ask to be convinced of the science behind it first.  We are known and trusted for our great tasting supplements that deliver tangible performance, convenience and nutrition benefits. Our product formulation and packaging standards are rigidly maintained, and we actively encourage feedback from you so that we can continually improve our products and service. If you're thinking bigger, or fitter, or faster - Horleys is right there with you.

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