Horleys Elite Mass

Horleys Elite Mass

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Maxs Supersize Ultra

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Dymatize Super Mass Gainer

Horleys Elite Mass

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Horleys Elite Mass Supplement

Horleys Elite Mass

High Calorie Muscle Gainer - Protein & Carb Matrix

BEST FOR: Increasing weight, size and strength gains, enhanced training recovery, supporting weight graded sports, maintaining body weight and sizing up.


Ultimate combination of protein, healthy fats and complex carbs to support muscle gain, strength improvements and enhanced recovery.


An ideal combination of whey protein concentrate (WPC), milk protein isolate and whole milk powder delivers the ultimate protein combination for hardgainers. WPC is a high quality, quickly digested protein ensuring fast delivery of amino acids for muscle growth. Milk protein isolate and whole milk powder are digested slowly ensuring delivery of nutrition to muscles for longer.


Multiple sources of protein, together with complex carbs and MCTs provide quality nutrients and high calorie content which support workout performance and recovery from intense training. Includes magnesium which is essential for normal energy metabolism, protein synthesis and muscle function.


Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) boost calorie density and are rapidly absorbed to provide energy. They are metabolised like carbohydrates, providing direct fuel and minimizing fat storage.


Creatine helps enhance your performance, which helps build more muscle. It also draws water into cells making your muscles look bigger.


The complex carbohydrates in Mass, deliver a steady source of energy ensuring you have the fuel you need to recover and make epic size gains. Perfect for post workout.


Optimal Use

To increase weight, use in and between meals. To boost the energy value of your Mass shake, add other foods such as a banana, yoghurt or an egg.

To restore muscle tissue and depleted energy during recovery, the best time to consume Horleys Elite Mass is within 30 minutes after your workout preferably in milk or another carbohydrate source. This will flood recovery pathways, restore depleted creatine & glycogen stores and ignite muscle repair and growth.

The Science

Horleys Elite MASS is the original anabolic formula for gains that offers all the nutrients you need in a specialised mass-gainer. Anabolism is when your body utilises available reserves of energy for repair and growth. This includes building muscle tissue, growing new cells and recovering from exercise.

For your body to effectively repair and grow new muscle tissue, protein plays an important role. We use a combination of whey protein concentrate (WPC). milk protein isolate and whole milk powder in MASS to ensure an effective amount of protein. This ensures that your body gets what it needs with no wastage. The WPC used in Mass goes through a strict ultra-filtration process and contains 80% protein once dried. Whey protein concentrate is a high quality, fast-absorbed protein that is easily digested, meaning less stress on the digestive system as well as having high bioavailability, which means that compared to other sources of protein more of it is absorbed and used by the body. It also contains higher amounts of the branched chain amino acids needed for muscle growth. Milk proteins provide intact whey and casein proteins, i.e. whey and casein that haven’t been separated. Casein is a slower release protein, which provides anti-catabolic protection over a longer period of time. Milk proteins such as WPC, milk protein isolate and whole milk powder have also been shown to contain various compounds that have many nutritional benefits, including for immune health.

With creatine, Mass helps increase performance and build muscle. Creatine also draws water into your cells, making your muscles look a little bigger.

The energy dense medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) in Mass boost the calorie count but are metabolised like carbohydrates, therefore minimising fat storage potential.

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Horleys Elite Mass Nutrition Information

Please Note: Ingredients/amounts may vary slightly from flavour to flavour.

Horleys Elite Mass Nutrition Information

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