Horleys Elite Ripped

Horleys Elite Ripped

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Horleys Elite Ripped

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Horleys Elite Ripped

Horleys Elite Ripped

Ultra Lean Thermogenic Protein

BEST FOR: Fat-shredding and muscle definition-focused training programmes (not mass building), weight management, as a fat-metabolism-boosting meal replacement, supporting retention of hard earned muscle especially during a low calorie diet and workout recovery.


Ripped is a thermogenic, a protein and a nutritional insurance policy all in the same container. Creating a calorie deficit to lose fat in conjunction withhard training can unfortunately result in muscle loss as the body breaks down muscle tissue to provide it with energy.  Protect your hard-earned muscle by increasing your protein intake.  Your body will take what it needs for fuel whilst also supporting lean muscle development.


Horleys unique thermogenic complex assists with fat metabolism and contains the top 8 shredding ingredients:

  • Caffeine, Guarana, Green Tea, & Green Coffee - to boost metabolic rate and increase athletic performance
  • Carnitine - to metabolise fat so it can be used as fuel
  • Chromium - to assist blood sugar control
  • Garcinia - to help suppress appetite
  • Bioperine - clinically proven to enhance the effect of caffeine and other nutrients


Perfect protein mix for those on a fat-loss diet and wanting to minimise calories.  Ideal for fat shredding and muscle definition focussed training.


Includes added Glutamine, a powerful amino acid that promotes muscle growth, prevents muscle breakdown and aids muscle recovery, helping you to work out hard every time.


Whey protein isolate (WPI) and whey protein concentrate (WPC) are both quickly and easily digested ensuring fast delivery of amino acids for muscle recovery, which is ideal for after a workout.  Casein is digested slowly, ensuring delivery of nutrition to your muscles for longer.  You get the benefit of slow and fast proteins with Ripped.


Offering you full nutritional support whilst you shred fat. The vitamins and imineral have been specifically selected to ensure you don't miss out on vital nutrient when cutting calories.

More Information

Horleys Elite Ripped Nutrition Information

Horleys Elite Ripped Nutrition Information

Optimal Use: Recommended use is up to a maximum of three servings per day
Serving times will be dependent upon your training regime. As a suggestion: one serving of Ripped Factors in water approximately one hour before a workout, a second serving 60 minutes after completing exercise (in non-fat milk), and a third as breakfast, or as a mid-morning or afternoon snack – in milk or fruit juice.

Every nutrient added to Horleys Elite Ripped has been carefully selected to support better results and optimise your health while you work towards your goals. 


Key Ingredients:

L-Glutamine assists your body’s wellbeing during times of stress (such as intensive exercise or restricted diet programmes). It also supports your immune system and also has an anti-catabolic effect (i.e. protects muscle tissue from being broken down for energy).

Horleys Elite Ripped contains Black Pepper Extract (Bioperene), which increases the bioavability of other nutritional compounds, and also enhances your body’s natural thermogenic activity.

Horleys unique thermogenic complex assists with fat metabolism, containing efficacious amounts of key ingredients that each has an impact at a different point along the metabolic pathway.

Caffeine (from pure Caffeine, plus Green Coffee and Guarana Extracts) is a well-known stimulant that boosts your metabolic rate and increases mental alertness and athletic performance, to help you get more out of your workouts. Even 95mg of caffeine has been shown in studies to significantly increase metabolic rate.

Green tea extract contains several catechin compounds, the most important of which is Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG). Human and animal studies have shown that green tea increases fat oxidation via an acute increase in thermogensis and by a more long-term increase in β-oxidation in the liver. Human studies have shown that green tea compounds and caffeine significantly increase 24 hr energy expenditure (calories burnt at rest).

Carnitine (from Carnipure, a superior pure source) is a fat mobiliser – a compound that moves fat into the mitochondria where it is burnt as fuel.

Chromium has been shown to assist blood sugar control. And Garcinia cambogia extract, suppresses appetite by boosting serotonin – with low serotonin linked to depression and overeating. It has also been shown to inhibit the enzyme citrate lyase – which the body uses to turn carbohydrate into fat.

Horleys Elite Ripped is engineered using a proprietary triple-protein blend of NZ-made ultra pure Crossflow Microfiltered (MF) Whey Protein Isolate (WPI), Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC), and Calcium Caseinate (casein). We selected these sources of protein to offer the benefits of a full spectrum protein (all the essential amino acids your body needs plus beneficial bioactive components that support immune health, provide anti-viral properties and more), combined with a slow release peptide source for the ultimate combination.  WPI and WPC are fast digesting proteins for quick delivery of amino acids for muscle recovery.  Casein is digested slowly, delivering amino acids over a longer period, which is ideal for maximising muscle retention (so you can maintain that hard earned muscle while you lose fat).

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