After years of extensive research, Dr. Dominic D‘Agostino PhD, at the University of South Florida, discovered and patented a scientific breakthrough technology in the field of ketones. From this patented technology, we developed a revolutionary new product called Kegenix. We spent three years and millions of dollars developing and perfecting Kegenix. To accomplish our mission, we met with top scientists from around the world to ensure our product provided people with a way to induce and sustain Nutritional Ketosis, while helping them reach their various goals including weight management.

Kegenix Prime is one of the most-popular and most-effective ketogenic supplements in the world, and it's available right now to ship Australia-wide (and worldwide!) at Protein King. We also stock two new and exciting keto products in the Kegenix range - Keto Vital daily keto vitamins and Keto Meal ketogenic meal replacement. Knowing Kegenix, there's plenty of new keto-friendly products on the way!