Kiss My Keto Ketone Blood Meter Test Kit

Kiss My Keto Ketone Blood Meter Test Kit

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Kiss My Keto Ketone Blood Test Strips

Kiss My Keto Ketone Blood Test Strips

Kiss My Keto Ketone Blood Meter Test Kit

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Ketone Blood Meter Test Kit

Kiss My Keto Blood Meter Test Kit

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A kit to accurately test your blood ketone levels. Now you can know how deep your ketosis really is. Did you know that there are different ways to measure your ketone levels? You can test your ketones through your urine, breath, and blood. But if you need the most accurate way to test, blood ketone testing is the best method. This is where the Kiss My Keto Ketone Blood Meter Kit comes in.

Fast results

This ketone blood meter doesn’t just ensure accuracy, but it also provides fast results. You don’t even have to wait for a minute… In as little as 10 seconds, you’ll know exactly if you’re in ketosis!

No more guessing

By paying attention to certain symptoms that your body experiences, you’ll have an idea of whether your ketones increased. For example, decreased hunger, increased energy and focus, and bad breath “keto breath.”

Yet, it would be great to be able to take an objective measurement of your body’s response to your low-carb high-fat diet. Instead of guessing and wishing, why not measure actual blood ketones?

Less blood and lighter needle pricks

Many other blood ketone meters in the market require at least 1.0µL of blood. To be able to get that volume of blood, one needs to do deeper needle pricks. It can be uncomfortable and painful for most people.

Kiss My Keto’s ketone meter is hassle-free because it requires less blood, 0.5µL only, reducing the depth of needle penetration. You can be at ease knowing that it’s nearly painless.

Stores up to 450 ketone readings

This blood ketone meter saves 450 historical readings, making it extremely helpful for you to track and maintain your progress long-term. And yes, this meter records dates and times!

Stay motivated throughout your keto journey

Proper monitoring can help you stay on track with your low-carb lifestyle. The simple act of measuring your progress can push you to do more.

When you know that you’re in ketosis, you can confirm that you made the right lifestyle choices. When you’re out of ketosis, you’ll be able to identify and avoid certain foods you never realized were non-keto-friendly.

Here are the steps for testing your blood ketones using the kit:

Step 1 - Insert a test strip into the ketone blood meter device.
Step 2 - Wash your hands clean and dry them.
Step 3 - Load the lancet with the needle.
Step 4 - Prick your finger using the lancet to draw a small amount of blood.
Step 5 - Put a drop of blood into the hole of the test strip. Wait for the result.

Interpreting Results

What should your ketone levels be?

When you are at a non-ketotic state, your ketone levels should be less than 0.5 mmol/L. Nutritional ketosis (a state of ketosis that’s achieved as a result of following a ketogenic diet) starts at 0.5 mmol/L.

If your goal is to achieve light nutritional ketosis, your ketone level should be between 0.5 mmol/L-1.0 mmol/L. For optimal nutritional ketosis, your ketone level would be between 1.0 mmol/L-3.0 mmol/L. Post exercise ketosis (as a result of exercising) has ketone levels at 3mmol/L-5 mmol/L.

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Questions and Answers

How do I use the Blood Ketone Meter?

Your kit comes with a detailed manual. However, if you prefer a video demonstration, we recommend checking out our “How-To” video in the photo gallery on the Kiss My Keto website.

Does the Blood Ketone Meter require batteries?

Yes. A Lithium battery is included in the blood meter kit.

Does the Blood Ketone Meter come with strips and needles?

Yes. Your kit includes 10 test strips, 1 lancet device for blood testing and 10 lancet refill needles.

Does the Blood Ketone Meter give more accurate readings than urine strips or breath testers?

Yes the Blood Ketone Meter is more accurate. Urine strips and breath testers measure excess ketones (that your body isn’t able to use) in your urine or breath. However, as your body becomes adapted, there are less excess Ketones - therefore making urine strips or breath testers inaccurate over time. However, the Blood Ketone Meter directly measures the Ketones in your bloodstream, so it is always accurate - regardless of how much your body has adapted to Ketosis.

Is this meter FDA certified?

Our Blood Ketone Meters are FDA registered!

Do the Blood Ketone Meter strips expire?

Yes they do expire over time. If unopened, they should be used within 18 months from the date of production (specific expiry dates are stated on your container of strips). If opened, please use your strips within 3 months and ensure that the lid is closed tightly at all times (when not using).

How many microliters of blood is needed for a test?

Only 0.5µL of blood is required for a reading with the Kiss My Keto Blood Ketone Meter. Our meter is specially designed to require only half of the blood required for most other ketone meters (standard meters require at least 1.0µL of blood).

Are other test strips compatible with the Kiss My Keto Blood Ketone Meter?

We recommend using the strips included with your kit - as using others could result in inaccurate readings (or not work at all).

Are fingertips the best place to draw blood for a reading?

Yes, we recommend drawing a small drop of blood from your fingertips and squeezing lightly.


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