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Kodiak 12 Gauge

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Kodiak 12 Gauge

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12 Gauge - 90 Capsules

Kodiak 12 Gauge - Advanced 5 Stage Anabolic Activator

Kodiak 12 Gauge

Kodiak Sports Nutrition 12 Gauge Advanced 5 Stage Anabolic Activator is an Advanced Testosterone Booster Formulation designed to pack on lean Muscle Fast.

Packing on muscle isn’t just about crushing it in the gym – that is only part of the equation. We need to make sure that our body’ s anabolic hormones are maximized, so that those strength and mass gains go through the roof!

That is why Kodiak Sports Nutrition is excited to present 12 Gauge: the most effective anabolic stimulator you can find (naturally). We utilize a 5 stage process to supercharge growth.

First, bound testosterone must be freed from its inhibitory binding partner: sex hormone binding globulin. Second, free testosterone must also be boosted, independent of SHBG reduction. Third, we make sure to induce IGF-1 – a potent growth hormone. Fourth, myostatin is inhibited, since myostatin inhibits muscle growth. Fifth, we utilize activators of muscle protein synthesis, like brassinosteroids.

This multi-stage approach ensures that every major hormonal pathway is fine-tuned to stimulate long-lasting, maximal muscle growth!

  • Zinc and Boron – essential minerals that lower SHBG, so that bound testosterone can be freed and active
  • Vitamins B6 and D3 – essential vitamins that increase free testosterone
  • Maslinic acid – a compound from olives that boosts IGF-1 production
  • Epicatechin – found in dark chocolate, this catechin inhibits myostatin while activating its opposite: follistatin for unchained growth.
  • Laxogenin – a brassinosteroid which induces muscle protein synthesis
  • Bioperine – the bioactive activator that slows metabolism to make this formula long-lasting and more effective

The standard has now been set – if your anabolic booster does not address multiple hormonal pathways, such as IGF-1, myostatin, and muscle protein synthesis, then we are talking apples to oranges.

Lets hunt those gains down and throw them in the back of the truck with the new king of anabolism: 12 Gauge.



Q: How do I take Kodiak 12 Gauge?

A: As a dietary supplement, take one serving (3 capsules) once daily in the morning.

Q: Is taking Kodiak 12 Gauge safe?

A: Yes, all the ingredients are vitamins, minerals, or botanicals. All ingredients have been carefully sourced and tested for safety, as well as the final formula.

Q: Are there steroids in Kodiak 12 Gauge?

A: No anabolic steroids were used in the formulating of 12 Gauge. Laxogenin is a brassinosteroid, which means that it is chemically similar to some anabolic steroids, but it is plant-derived from members of the Brassica family, such as mustard, broccoli, and cauliflower.

Q: What other Kodiak products can I stack with 12 Gauge?

A: For optimal muscle-building results, stack 12 Gauge with a high protein diet assisted by 3Whey or 1Whey, Attack pre workout, and Ammo to prevent muscle catabolism during exercise.

Q: When is the best time to take Kodiak 12 Gauge?

A: In the morning so the ingredients in 12 Gauge can best take advantage of your body’s natural testosterone diurnal cycle.

More Information

Kodiak 12 Gauge Nutrition Information

Kodiak 12 Gauge Nutrition Information



Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 is an essential vitamin that plays a role in various functions of the body, such as DNA repair and neurotransmitter synthesis. • Vitamin B6 plays a role in testosterone synthesis and receptor availability • B vitamin deficiency directly affects the liver’s ability to inactivate estrogen.

Vitamin D3: Vitamin D3 is actually more similar to a steroid hormone than a vitamin, with effects on thousands of functions in the body, including testosterone production. Multiple studies show that testosterone can be increased with D3 supplementation. Vitamin D3 also lowers SHBG, which then leads to lower bound testosterone and higher free testosterone

Zinc: Zinc is an excellent complement to this formula, since it acts as an aromatase inhibitor and decrease the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Kilic et al. showed improved levels of testosterone and thyroid hormones in elite wrestlers after consuming zinc. Zinc lowers SHBG to enable more bound testosterone to become free and active testosterone.

Boron: Boron is a trace mineral that is a must in any testosterone-boosting formula due to its proven results. Studies have shown that boron is able to boost total and free testosterone. Since boron is also able to lower SHBG, then it is freeing up bound testosterone in the blood.

Paederia Foetida: Traditionally used in the Himalayas as an aphrodisiac, this compound demonstrates benefits of testosterone, sexual activity, and sexual virility Halberstam et al. showed that testosterone increased significantly after consuming Paederia, accompanied by an increase in blood flow and sperm count.

Fadogia Agrestis: Fadogia is a medicinal plant from east Africa that shows profound testosterone and sexual virility benefits. Fadogia has been traditionally used to treat malaria and fevers due to its anti-inflammatory and antiplasmodial properties. Yakubu et al. showed increases in testosterone, with increased sexual desire and increased ejaculatory latency.

Epicatechin: Epicatechin is found in green tea and dark chocolate, and it has been shown to act as a myostatin inhibitor. Gutierrez-Salmean et al. demonstrated that epicatechin supplementation significantly decreases myostatin and increases follistatin (which works in the opposite way as myostatin does). Multiple studies have shown that epicatechin reliably increases blood flow, which may help in the delivery of testosterone to its target tissues.

5-Alpha-Hydroxy Laxogenin: Laxogenin is a plant brassinosteroid that can increase muscle mass and muscle protein synthesis via IGF-1 activation. Laxogenin is structurally similar to the anabolic steroid oxandrolone, which has demonstrated profound effects on muscle mass and strength. Brassinosteroids have been shown to increase protein synthesis and reduce protein degradation via the PI3/Akt pathway.

Maslinic Acid: Maslinic acid is a triterpenoid compound from olives that have benefits on muscle growth and protein synthesis. Pentacyclic triterpenoids, like maslinic acid, have demonstrated muscle growth increases via IGF-1 activation. Multiple studies have shown how maslinic acid increases protein turnover rates and growth in an animal model.

Bioperine: Bioperine is a patented black pepper extract. Traditionally used for gastrointestinal disorders, it can prolong the effectiveness of the other compounds in the formula, such that the overall testosterone-boosting capability will be long-lasting and more effective. Bioperine has demonstrated increases of bioavailability of bioactive compounds of up to 2000%. Bioperine downregulates enzymes that eliminate bioactive compounds from the body, such that their bioavailability is enhanced. Bioperine increases absorption by decreasing intestinal motility rate, thereby allowing other bioactive compounds more time to be absorbed.

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