Madness Nutrition

Looking for the ultimate protein cookies? We’ve found them! Established in 2017 and quickly becoming a gym bag staple, Madness Nutrition has made a serious dent in the industry as a key player for formulating some of the most delicious protein cookies on the market, that are rich in premium quality and highly nutritious ingredients! With a primary goal of formulating and developing the ultimate protein cookie to satisfy everyone, their products are leaving the shelves as quickly as they’re stocked, owing to their inclusion of healthy ingredients. From non-GMO, 0 trans fat and 0 cholesterol to no added vegetable oil or fructose corn syrup, you can enjoy a high-quality whey and casein grass-fed protein blend thanks to Madness Nutrition’s pure organic honey sweetened, complex carbohydrate-rich and healthy tropic fats dense formula. As protein cookie specialists, you can expect nothing less than perfection from the team at Madness Nutrition!

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