Nutra-Life Vitamins and Minerals Online at Protein King

In July 1984, Michael Thompson, a New Zealand food technologist with extensive experience in the international health food market and in food technology, purchased Nutra-Life Health & Fitness, a small Australian company begun in 1967 by two young bodybuilders turned businessmen. Thompson, an experienced entrepreneur, established Nutra-Life Health & Fitness as a New Zealand based company. Under his direction, the company grew rapidly both locally as well as internationally. Initially, Nutra-Life specialised in sports nutrition products which remain a significant part of its business today under the Balance brand. Using New Zealand’s natural resources and industry research on protein and energy, Nutra-Life have become market leaders with athletes around the world, helping them improve performance in their chosen sport.

With great local success of the company, Nutra-Life have focused on exporting, and have become a major vitamin and mineral supplier to over 15 countries around the world, including Australia, Asia, the Middle East and the U.K. In 2007, Nutra-Life joined with Healtheries, a leading Australasian supplement and health food company, to form Vitaco Health (NZ) Ltd – one of Australasia’s largest health and wellness product manufacturers.

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