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We’ve spent countless hours developing a product that not only raises blood ketone levels consistently, but at amounts more than double any other product. This utilization of ketones means less GI upset, and more even burning energy and benefits. We tried a few other ketone ester products on the market that are publicly known to taste as bad as “jet fuel,” and when we agreed, we knew it could be done better. We’ve worked tirelessly to deliver a product that tastes as incredible as it is effective.We are proud with our initial offering of two delicious flavors: chocolate sea salt and peaches and cream. This isn’t a product you have to pinch your nose to chug down, it is one you look forward to having. 

If you're looking for Australia's best range of Perfect Keto at the best prices - you're in the right place! With the Perfect Keto Base exogenous ketones now available in four flavours, and with the new Keto Collagen and MCT Oil Powder now in stock as well, all your keto needs are covered!

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