Perfect Keto Greens Powder with MCTs

Perfect Keto Greens Powder with MCTs

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Perfect Keto Greens Powder with MCTs

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Perfect Keto Micronutrient Greens Powder

Perfect Keto Micros Greens Powder

Regardless if you are eating a ketogenic diet or not, most of us want to be healthy and feel healthy. We are bombarded with marketing claims on food products touting different vitamins and minerals, but what the heck are they anyways? And what’s the best way to get them?

Vitamin definition: Any group of organic compounds that are essential for normal growth and nutrition and are required in small quantities in the diet because they cannot be synthesized by the body.

Key points:

a) They are essential – which means we have to have them.
b) We can’t make them – which means we have to get them.

The best way to get your micronutrient nutrition is via whole foods and not a multivitamin. The truth is, when you take a multivitamin, you are getting many synthetic forms of nutrients and in amounts that do not represent whole foods. These different amounts of different nutrients typically don’t represent what you’d get in real foods and can actually end up being problematic.

When and How to Use Perfect Keto Micronutrient Greens Powder

When and How to Use Keto Micro Greens

Enter: Greens Powders. These are products that take whole foods and condense them into powdered form, maintaining as many vitamins, minerals and plant nutrients as possible. Getting the full spectrum and all of the nutrition we know of (and don’t know of) in the plants, is why a greens powder can be much more powerful than a multivitamin.

The Purpose of Perfect Keto Micro Greens Powder

Our main goal at Perfect Keto is to help make a quality ketogenic diet accessible to everyone. One of the toughest parts of keto is that it cuts out lots of starchy fruits and vegetables that are high in carbohydrates. However, they are also packed with nutrients! Keto Micro Greens is the solution to getting enough nutrition from produce, while eating a low carb ketogenic diet.

What is in Keto Micro Greens?

Quite a bit. The short answer is 14 servings of 22 different fruits and vegetables, plus MCT fats for absorption. 14 servings is a massive amount of nutrition.

Longer answer:

Greens and Veggie Blend: 4.5 grams of raw and organic greens and vegetables from 12 plants that provide all of the phytonutrients with none of the waste. We cold process all of our plant matter to retain as many nutrients as humanly possible.

Berry and Fruit Blend: 4.5 grams of raw and organic berries and fruits from 10 different sources. We use a wide variety of the most nutrient-dense berries to complement the greens so that you get a great representation of phytonutrients.

MCT Powder: 3.5 grams. We use fat from coconut oil to absorb many vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in plants. MCT is also readily accessible by your brain and tissues for energy, unlike other fats that need to be processed by the liver.

Liver Support Enzymes: These are to help you package and deliver the nutrients to where they need to go. Without this, you would waste a lot of the benefit and micronutrients of the product.

Digestive Enzymes: How does your body break down the plant nutrients so that your liver can pack them up and deliver them? With different digestive enzymes. Again, these digestive enzymes are there so your body can properly assimilate and use every little bit of nutrition.

Reishi mushroom: A very powerful compound that is known to decrease inflammation, fatigue, skin disorders and anxiety. We used reishi mushroom for the immune regulatory effects as well as the function of liver detox and support.

Inositol: Naturally occurring in plants such as cantaloupe and oranges, inositol helps in nerve conduction (brain power), fat breakdown and insulin regulation.

Even a micronutrient powder wouldn’t be complete without talking about the macronutrients in the product. One scoop of Keto Micro Green is,

  • 40 Calories
  • 3.5g Fat
  • 1g Protein
  • 1g Carbohydrate

User’s Guide Keto Micro Greens

Using a greens powder might be brand new for some of us, but it’s really simple. It’s designed to replace your multi-vitamin, and you can treat it as such!

More Information

Perfect Keto Micros Greens Powder Nutrition Information

Perfect Keto Micros Greens Powder Nutrition Information

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