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Buy Caffeine Tablets Online To Boost Your Performance and Intensity!

Want to turn your workouts into high-intensity training sessions? Looking to improve your focus and endurance levels? Caffeine can give you the boost you’re looking for! While this powerful natural stimulant is found in coffee, it also contains other compounds that don’t allow your body to experience the full effects of caffeine. That’s why supplements are the most effective form of this tried and tested energy booster.

At Protein King, our popular range of caffeine supplements include Allmax Caffeine, Nutrex Caffeine 200 liquid capsules and Mutant Caffeine Tablets that offer pharmaceutical grade caffeine — no proprietary blends here! Priced very competitively, all our caffeine supplements are ready to be shipped out immediately.

How Caffeine Tablets Help

Caffeine supplements can improve your mental alertness, increase energy levels, and enhance your performance. Before you start worrying about the implications of a “performance-enhancing” supplement, remember that a caffeine tablet can work in much the same way as your morning cuppa — just more effectively. So, not only will you be able to pump out more reps than usual, but your muscle fatigue will be delayed as well.

Caffeine Supplements for Athletes

Caffeine can actually be a high-performing athlete’s best friend. After all, it’s legal, affordable and packs a punch! Caffeine is considered an ergogenic aid or a performance enhancer. In fact, it could be the most widely-used natural stimulant in the world. Endurance athletes, in particular, will find that caffeine supplements improve their focus and energy, allowing them to push their limits and achieve impressive feats.

Caffeine Supplements for Weight Loss

Drinking more coffee to lose weight? Sounds like a win-win, right? But the caffeine in a regular cup of coffee often isn’t enough to induce your desired levels of weight loss. You either need to down 4-5 large, strong cups of black coffee or opt for an effective caffeine supplement — undoubtedly an easier way to pack in the right amount of caffeine!

The first 15 minutes of a workout are crucial in determining how much glycogen you’ll use up. Caffeine helps kick the body into a process called lipolysis and helps burn fat instead of glycogen as a primary fuel source. There’s little wonder why caffeine is a key ingredient in many weight loss supplements, pre-workout supplements and thermogenic fat burners.

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