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ProMera Health - The science of strength and wellness. ProMera Health provides a range of sports supplements to health conscious athletes and fitness enthusiasts around the world including products such as ConCret Creatine, Women's Elite Pre-Workout, and ConCret Burn. Our position is to guarantee to you that all the ProMera products are safe, compliant and do not contain any banned or illegal ingredients. Our sports supplement Con-Cret Creatine has been IOC profiled by Aegis Sciences, one of the top forensic drug doping labs in the country to ascertain product purity. Many companies in the supplements industry today are quick to market and do not take the time that is needed for testing and quality control of their products. It’s because of this haste that customers (athletes) suffer and find their health and possibly their career/eligibility in jeopardy. In contrast to these practices, we go above and beyond the industry requirements to ensure that we are only delivering safe and effective products, our commitment to you, our customer. ProMera Health's goal has one purpose, to develop and deliver the finest products available in the sports nutrition and wellness markets – it is our mission and it is our passion. To stay true to our principles and our beliefs, we choose to only align ourselves with companies and partners who share similar philosophies and practices in safety and compliancy. This is very important to us, as to ensure that we continue to offer only high-quality products that meet strict guidelines of safety, efficacy and compliancy.

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