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Buy Casein Protein Online to Power Up Your Body Round-the-Clock!

Want to give your body mass building benefits even when it’s resting? A casein supplement is just what you need! Casein is better known as a "time-release" protein that slowly feeds your cells with amino acids over a long duration. This makes casein the perfect supplement that helps build muscle mass and promotes recovery even when you’re sleeping.

At Protein King, we stock a huge range of casein protein brands that have been trusted by body builders and fitness enthusiasts for decades. Because we’re online, we can offer such high-quality products at extremely competitive prices to our customers. Not only that, for Australian orders over $300, you get your supplements delivered at your door for free!

How Casein Protein Benefits Your Body

If you’re into body building, it’s just as important to preserve muscle mass as it is to build muscle. While you’re awake and active, you can consume enough protein and train to build muscles, but what happens when you sleep? Your body starts to breakdown muscle tissue to fuel itself. Result? You’ll always fall short of meeting your body building goals. Casein supplements prevent this breakdown, helping you preserve the muscles you’ve worked so hard to build.

Casein Protein vs. Whey Protein: What’s the Difference?

Milk contains two types of proteins - casein and whey. While casein makes up 80% of the milk protein, only 20% is whey. Whey gets digested faster and thus, works faster in synthesising protein. But since whey gets used up so fast, the amino acid levels drop at a faster rate too. Casein supplements take longer to digest and can reverse this situation by slow feeding your body with protein over a longer period of time.      

Take Casein Protein for Weight Loss

Research shows that including casein protein supplements in your weight loss diet can cut down body fat, while helping you retain more lean muscle. So, whether you’re new to body building or wanting to pack on extra muscles, our casein protein supplements — such as Dymatize Elite Casein, Optimum Nutrition 100% Casein Protein, and Max's Casein SR — may be ideal for you.  

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