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Buy Hydrolysed Protein Online — The Most Effective Protein on the Market!

Hydrolysed protein supplements are some of the most sought-after protein supplements on the market, thanks to their highly-purified and quick-acting amino acids that are ideal for muscle growth.

At Protein King, our range of hydrolysed whey protein isolates includes highly reputable and trusted products such as Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydrowhey, Dymatize ISO100, a carb-free whey protein available in a variety of flavours, and ASN HP-100 Nano Peptide Extract, processed using pharmaceutical grade protein.

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Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate

Hydrolysed proteins are whey proteins that have been partially hydrolysed (broken down) into their component amino acids, which is why they act faster. The hydrolysis process breaks larger proteins down into smaller proteins. They act upon your muscles more quickly, accelerating the repair, recovery and rebuilding process. So, these are best taken after a workout.

Benefits of Hydrolysed Protein

Studies have shown that the hydrolysis process increases digestibility. It also reduces any allergenic effect of protein. Hydrolysed proteins also bring about a positive nitrogen balance, which is important for intensive training. With a higher rate of absorption, they are a preferred addition to a muscle building diet of athletes and bodybuilders.

Hydrolysed Protein vs. Isolate

Isolates are the most refined form of protein. They go through a micro-filtration process, and are stripped of everything that’s not protein — including fats and lactose. Hydrolysed proteins, on the other hand, are broken down and ‘pre-digested’. The hydrolysation process improves protein synthesis and absorption.  

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