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We developed a product that puts ketones directly into your body. Rob Rogers and Gary Millet, the founders of Real Ketones, believe in the power of ketones to help people. They licensed the D’Agostino ketone technology from the University of South Florida, in the hopes they could develop a product that made getting into, and sustaining a ketogenic state, simple and easy. After 4 years of work, Real Ketones was released. And now, its third-generation product, PrimeD+, makes the transition to (60 minutes), and sustainment of a ketogenic lifestyle simple, painless and most of all, EASY. The benefits of being in a ketogenic state are numerous, and more is being discovered every day. Our mission at Real Ketones, and the passion of Rob and Gary, is not just helping you get into ketosis, but helping you sustain a ketogenic state in the easiest way possible to improve your health.

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