Sparta Nutrition

Spartans have descended from Hercules himself. Spartans were taught to never retreat, taught to never surrender, and taught to never give up. At Sparta Nutrition, we believe that death in the battlefield is the greatest glory. Spartans are the greatest soldiers the world has ever known. A new age is upon us. A new age of innovation, a new age of freedom, a new age of revolution is here. Sparta Nutrition is producing this newfound age. Our products are created from the might of Zeus, as pure as the oracles themselves, induce monstrous strength like Cerberus to defend the gates of Hell, and strengthened from the resolve of kings like Leonidas. My fellow Spartans, tonight we will dine in hell so that tomorrow we may live in glory. We will stand by our morals. We will stand and fight. Defend your honor. Claim your God-given right. We are fearless. We are invincible. We are Spartans. Seize your glory.