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Buy Our Tanning Products Online for That Even Sun-Kissed Tan!

Have you ever wondered how to get the picture-perfect tan without paying outrageous prices? Our tanning products at Protein King provide excellent value for money, so you don’t waste your time on cheap, counterfeit products. Our Dream Tan Cream gives you the darkest possible tan in just one coat without drying your skin. Our SunTANon SuperTan, a recommended competition colour, washes off with just soap and water. We also have a variety of other products, such as rollers, trays, and pre-tan body scrubs.

Protein King, Australia’s largest online store for supplements, boosters, accessories and sports equipment, is dedicated to providing you with high-quality and affordable fitness products. We are proudly Australian owned and operated, and are currently offering free shipping for orders over $300!

Fake Tan Products

Our fake tanning products range from self-tanning sprays to overnight creams, giving you the darkest tan without harming your skin. With a range of natural ingredients, these products colour gently, while hydrating and moisturising your skin as well. Now, you don’t have to spend hours sunning yourself to get that rich sunkissed colour — just spray on!

Spray Tanning for Bodybuilding Competitions

Our competition colours can be applied overnight or just before a competition, giving you that perfect tan. Our competition products do not require a prior tan and have their own exfoliating action to help the colour seep into your skin.

Bodybuilding Tanning Tips

All tanning products should be applied on to clean skin. In case your product doesn’t include an exfoliant, do make sure to exfoliate your skin first for best results. We recommend you use our pre-tan body scrubs for this purpose. Most of our products will show colour almost instantly, but the colour will darken in a few hours. You can apply multiple coats for a darker tan, but make sure to read the label instructions carefully to check what’s best based on your skin colour.

No matter what your bodybuilding goals are, we have a plan for your tan. Browse our wide range of tanning products, today!