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Buy Weight Gainers Online — Bulk Up Fast, Whilst Keeping Body Fat Down

Are you looking to build muscle? If yes, weight gainers can give you a leg up in your fitness journey. Protein King offers a wide selection of top-rated weight gainers such — as Optimum Gold Standard Gainer and Musashi Bulk, a mass gain protein blend — that deliver fast and effective mass building benefits!

As a fully Australian-owned and operated company, Protein King is dedicated to provide superior quality nutrition products and health accessories to fitness enthusiasts. We have taken the time to choose our suppliers and products carefully, which has made us the most trusted fitness retailer in the country. Our online store has a comprehensive range of weight gainers, supplements, boosters, whole foods as well as accessories. Shop today and enjoy free shipping for orders over $300!

Enjoy Weight Gainer Protein Shakes

Our weight gainer shakes provide ample protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals and can be taken with or between meals. Our wide range of formulas give you a host of choices, based on your individual needs — choose between our different blends for either a high-protein meal or a post-workout recovery shake. With a well-balanced nutritional profile of proteins, complex carbs and healthy fats, these shakes keep you full but don't weigh you down!

Benefits of Mass Gainers Shakes

Mass gainers are a convenient way to take in all the necessary nutrients, which when complemented with a solid weight training program, can deliver incredible strength and muscle building results!

Most mass gainers work on the principle of anabolic mass building. Proteins such as whey protein concentrate and isolate help with muscle growth and repair by providing essential amino acids. Complex carbs in mass gainer blends promote muscle growth and maintain anabolism, while minimising catabolism or the breakdown of muscles after a rigorous workout session. Products with dextrose stimulate a quick insulin response, allowing nutrients to be driven into muscle fibres for faster gain.

Will Mass Gainers Make You Fat?

For a lean and muscular body, you need the perfect carb to protein ratio for your body and your workout needs. Our huge range of weight gainers means that there’s one out there for everyone’s individual needs. Want some advice? Feel free to contact us!

Find the perfect solution to bulking up with our wide range of mass gainers today!